Cross Number Puzzles

Cross Number Puzzle screenshot.png

Adding up to 100: Cross Number Puzzle 1

Fractions adding to 2: Cross Number Puzzle 2

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Multiplication Relationships

Multiplication Relationships with Arrays Picture.jpg

Multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

Download PDF here: Multiplication Relationships with Arrays

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Download here: Multiplication Relationships of 3

Multiplication Array Table

Download here: Multiplication Printout


  • Print the first two pages double sided
  • Use card stock paper

Corresponding visuals:

Multiplication and Division page.

Please share your ideas about how to use in the classroom!

This visual is inspired by an activity by author John Van de Walle, another activity by Donna Boucher (found here) and Chrissy Newell.

Place Value Playing Cards

Download here: 2 Digit Playing Cards Download

How to Use document (English and Spanish): How to Use 


  • Print double sided
  • Make sure to scale the printing so you can see the outer boarders

Corresponding visuals:

Counting by 1

Place Value Concepts

2 Digit Number Cards, Numbers 11-50

2 Digit Cards Website Pic.png

Three versions available (click titles to access):

Double Number Path Printout

Download the PDF printout here: Double Number Path Printout

Corresponding Visuals:

Thank you to all of the collaborators on Twitter and email who shared ideas and feedback for these visuals.

These visuals were inspired in part by: Rekenreks, place value cards, my students, and the people who have provided feedback on Twitter or over email.

A similar manipulative/visual is available by Rémi Brissiaud: J’apprends les maths avec Picbille CP, 2016 (first edition 1992) Paris: Retz