Math Flips

Math Flips are flashcards with a problem on the front and a similar problem on the back (instead of a problem and an answer) to encourage relational thinking rather than answer-getting.

Math Flips routine:

  • Look at side A: How many? How do you know?
  • Look at side B: How many NOW? How do you know?
  • After a while, ask generalizing questions such as: How does A help you solve B? What is the same and different about A and B?

Want digital slides? The Math Flips come as Google Slides, which can also be downloaded as PowerPoint Slides (from the “Download All Math Flips” link above).

Want help using the Math Flips? Check out Using Math Flips to Build Fluency through Grassroots Workshops:

Math Flips are inspired by Chrissy Newell, who created a number talk with two related problems and the question sequence “How many? How do you know?” and “How many NOW? How do you know?”, Annie Fetter and Joe Schwartz, who say “Ask about ideas, not answers,” the amazing number sense routines shared by Steve Wyborney (, the book Math Fact Fluency by Jennifer Bay Williams and Gina Kling, and YOU, who can send ideas/feedback (email or twitter) or make your own with the templates below.


(Photo courtesy Jenny Ainslie)