Berkeley Everett is a K-5 Math Coach and Consultant in Los Angeles, CA who develops new digital math tools, curriculum, and resources.

Math Visuals was created as a resource for fellow math educators, and seeks to:

  • uncover patterns that are foundational to Elementary Math
  • give multiple access points to engage everyone in discussion
  • inspire educators and students to invent their own visualizations of math concepts

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Want to create your own visuals? I use Apple’s Keynote to create my visuals, and hope to inspire you to create your own. Check out Part 2 for Keynote basics and learn how to create a printout (like flashcards). Check out Part 3 for an intro to animating with Keynote. Use the templates for a head start!

PDF with Template Links: Download Here

Part 1: Introduction and Educational Philosophy

Part 2: Keynote Basics and Creating Printouts

Part 3: Creating Animations

Links to Inspiring Visualizers

Also check out these amazing educators (links below) who are creating their own inspiring visuals – and in Cathy’s case, showing you how with her free ebook, which you can find here.

TwT Kyle and SteveTwT Cathy Yenca

Kyle’s website, other website, and twitter

Steve’s website and twitter

Cathy’s website and twitter and free ebook about Keynote

New ideas? Questions?

Twitter: @berkeleyeverett


Some of My Many Inspirations:

The visuals on this site are inspired by manipulatives, visuals, and ideas created by other people, and I am grateful for the collaboration of people who interact with me on Twitter and over email.